Have you ever showed up at an event and realised that you have not dressed appropriately? Not wearing the right clothes for the occasions can lead to awkwardness and embarrassment not only for you, but also for those who you are with. Some people just do not understand the importance of wearing the right clothes for a particular occasion. Well, we do, and in this article, we are going to look at some of the best formal wear for men.


Outfit 1: Khaki Trousers, White Shirt, Green Tie, Black Shoes

This is the perfect Friday outfit for if you are going out to a restaurant with some mates after work. The Khaki trousers will give you the perfect balance between casual and formal. Also, the khaki trousers are little more subdued than your more traditional black slacks. If it is the summer, then go for cotton trousers, while go for wool trouser if it is the winter season.

The tie is not a must - you can leave the tie in the draw and this outfit will still look pretty impressive. You can opt to wear the tie when you are at work, then remove it when you go out later. To make this outfit more formal, you can opt for a black leather belt that matches your shoes. Add a nice watch to this outfit, and you improve your overall look even more.

Outfit 2: Navy Blazer, Navy Chinos, Light Blue Shirt, Blue Printed Pocket Square, and Black Dress Shoes

This is a classic formal combination, and an outfit that will work in almost any situation. If you like to gamble and feel like going to a land-based casino instead of playing at an online casino, then this is an outfit that will make you feel right at home. Everyone at a casino from the bartenders to every croupier to the players will be dressed to the nines, so you do not want to walk in and stick out like a sore thumb in a negative way. A croupier might even decide to turn you away from their table if you are dressed too casually - that is if you even manage to get past the security at the door.

Obviously, when you are playing at your favourite online casino, you can sit on your sofa in your underwear if you so wish. However, with that being said, there is nothing stopping you from dressing up if you feel like it, so that you can fit in with the live dealers, who will always be dressed to impress. Although, in our opinion, if you are going through the hassle of getting dressed up, then you might as well head to the closest brick-and-mortar casino.

The key to make this classy and simple formal outfit look right is the fit. If you do not get the fit right, then you will just end up looking like a slob wearing a suit. If you are having trouble with the fit, go to a tailor and they will get you looking dapper in no time.

For this outfit, you can opt for any type of dress shoes except boots - you just have to make sure that the colour matches the colour of your belt. So, if you go for a brown leather belt, wear brown shoes. If you go for a black leather belt, wear black shoes. The pocket square, like the tie for the previous outfit, is entirely optional, but you will complete the look if you opt for one.

If you want to find out more about how to dress for casinos in India, then follow the link and all will be revealed.


Outfit 3: Navy Blazer, White Shirt, Grey Trousers, White Pocket Square, and Double Monk Shoes

Now, we are regularly asked if grey and navy are two colours that go together, and when you put this outfit on you will see that these two colours look amazing together. When you do not want to match all of your outfit and want to make your formal wear edgier, this is the combination that we would go for. You would fit right in at a casino with this outfit, and no croupier will think about barring you from their table.

The addition of the double monks helps to complete your look. Once more, it is not 100% necessary to add a pocket square, but we really do think that it helps to complete your look.

Outfit 4: White trousers, Navy Blazer, Light Blue Shirt, Printed Pocket Square, and Lapel Pin

Moving on from the casino world, this outfit is great for parties or beach weddings. We know that many of you probably hate to wear white pants, but if you know exactly how to wear them then they look very good. You can wear espadrilles or loafers with this outfit to improve your overall look. The printed pocket square and the lapel pin will more than help to complete your look.

Outfit 5: Grey Wool Overcoat, Grey Trousers, Grey Scarf, and Dark Grey Crew Neck Shirt

If you like your monochrome outfits, then this is the perfect one you. However, when you are wearing a monochrome outfit there are some things that you have to keep in mind:

• Do not match your shoes to the outfit

• Do not wear the same type of fabric

• If you are wearing a belt, do not match it to your outfit

The dark grey shirt will make your look edgier. You can go for a light grey shirt if you like, but make sure that it has a different fabric to your other pieces.